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    Polo Jeans – the design that works

    polo-jeansThe need was brought about to design a pair of Polocrosse jeans when our family began playing Polocrosse & I had a huge amount of difficulty in being able to source white jeans for my boys. I hunted around saddleries and department stores and was only able to find 2 brands on the market still producing a pair of white jeans. They were normal jeans that you would wear day to day & were not designed with horse riding in mind at all, let alone have any type of stain resistant qualities or durability qualities at all. So I went on a mission searching for suppliers overseas who I might be able to source products from in order to not only fit out my own family but maybe supply to our club and friends as well. In trying to find a product I contacted suppliers who I knew in China and had no luck in being able to product a quality product with a thick stain resistant material and all of the studs and zips were a very inferior product which would rust in napisan and then breakdown later down the track.

    I then set off on a mission after a very brief Skype conversation with a manufacturer in India to see what he had to offer. I caught a flight the next week and was well into production in the making of the fabric from scratch and the design and shape of the jeans for men and women. The thing I loved about dealing with our Indian manufacturer was that they were so willing to get out their and design a fabric with me from scratch to suit our climate, discipline and durability. They were willing to work with the design requirements I had and also had all of the buckles, studs send from Germany to ensure the quality of the product I had the vision to create.

    Within 8 Weeks I had stock on the ground & we are well into production of our entire range for the whole family.

    The difference you will see in our product

    1. The fabric! If you have purchased whites for polo or Polocrosse you will be used to a high cotton denim product which is usually quite stiff and not that comfortable to ride in. Our product is quite thick in order to hide imperfections and so soft that you will not even believe you are riding in jeans. The product has elastane which allows for easy movement when riding and also contains polyamide to give a higher stain resistant quality and to not absorb so much leather oil and dirt.
    2. The quality of the zips. They are a larger zip and much more durable.   We understand that you are moving around in the saddle a lot and having to stand and stretch beyond your reach so having a quality zip to hold it all together is very important.
    3. Design – The design of this jean is specifically for the player considering that they are riding so has a tapered leg to ensure smooth fit in the tall boots. They are also a slightly lower waist to allow for comfort while sitting. They have a stretch waistband insert to ensure no gaps in the waistband when sitting & the leg fit should be considerably more flexible with our contoured design.

    As you can see I love this design and product & knowing all of the benefits it makes this product seem very cheap at $85 per pair knowing all of the technology and research behind it.

    December 21, 2016
    Horse training instructor

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