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    Welcome to Hampton Valley

    At Hampton and Harlow Equestrian, we love our countryside and we love our kids; after all, our line was inspired by Equestrian Fashion for children! We love encouraging children to get out into the country side and learn about all things horse riding! We decided to celebrate all of the country kids out there through a series of cartoons that depict the country life and the aspirations of our children and their horses.  In the country side, seen through horses eyes, everything looks beautiful. Seen through the eyes of a child it even looks better!

    In the middle of our region, at the end of the Mary Valley, lies a magic spot called Hampton Valley. It was a beautiful morning in Hampton Valley when Emily and Harriet were starting to pack for their new journey; or challenge, rather. They had decided to take their game to a whole different level; they had decided to compete at the Horse of the Year with a pony. Yes, you read right, with a Pony! But not just any pony…


    Sheldon-ponySheldon is a stubborn and ambitious little horse who can Showjump, compete in Cross Country and take out a dressage comp with his eyes closed (providing he behaves).  He has been a loyal horse to emily for 10 years and even though she outgrew him years ago, he is the only pony she is not allergic to.





    EmilyEmily is the only one that Sheldon allowed on his back. These two have the most amazing bond and need each other more than they know.  Emily has a gift when it comes to eventing and though she is very talented as a rider, she is completely allergic to horses! This allergy is her biggest downfall. Emily also has a funny and curious pet; a wallaby, who follows her everywhere she goes.






    HarrietHarriet is a renowned Horse Trainer. Her specialty and passion is eventing and fashion (especially when the two are combined). Harriet is the missing link to take Emily to the next level.  She is insanely organised, she thinks of everything! While she may strut the strut better than most VS models would ever wish for, she isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty too!  













    On their trip, the loyal Rusty always comes along. Rusty is an up-coming photographer who started his career shooting fashion for local boutiques.  He has a passion for photography and fashion but his biggest passion is Emily!  His quirky nature gives him the edge amongst his peers and his keen eye for photography allows him to capture the girls at their best.  He has no real interest in horses or eventing; his passion lies with Emily. Whenever he is in her presence he can’t help but crumble at the knees.

    Do you want to get to know them better? Keep following us, we will soon publish their first adventure!

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