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    Two Aussie Girls Embark on Kiwi Adventure In Search Of Horses and Riders

    It’s a classic road trip, like in the movies. And if you remember those trips, there’s always a completely epic destination in mind, as in Sydney, Paris, or Vegas.

    For this one, it’s less about cars and more about horses. And also riding clothes.

    The destination? Hawke’s Bay A&P Showground, in Hastings, New Zealand, for the 2017 Horse of the Year event, March 7-12.

    Enthusiasts know Horse of the Year is the most important event in New Zealand for competitive horse events, such as dressage, show jumping, and cross country, so it seemed like the ideal ending point for Karen and Karlee’s trip, and to officially launch their new line of equestrian riding clothing in NZ.

    tour-busQuick backstory: with a full family of riders back home in Gympie, Australia, Karen Bazzan needed affordable, practical clothing for their weekend activities — clothes that would last, be super comfortable, and of course also look good.

    Not seeing anything on the market which matched that description, she decided to take matters into her own hands. So she sought out the best designers and the latest fabrics, and HH Equestrian was born.

    Fast forward to now, and HH Equestrian’s newest collection is one that’ll take care of hers and most any family. It boasts a proprietary fabric technology, which is stain resistant, durable and, as many pointed out, extremely comfortable.

    The fabric technology has even grabbed the attention of the Australian National Polocrosse Team, who now wear HH’s signature Polocrosse jeans for all their competitions.

    Horse of the Year show is a great, great ending, but, like the movies often teach, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

    So, Karen and Karlee will arrive in New Zealand early, ahead of the show, on the North Island, and will set out to meet as many riders as possible, young and old, amateur and pro, in order to understand what their experiences, skills and passions are, and what sets them apart from Aussie riders. They’ll take lots of pictures, and there will probably be lots of hashtags.

    new-zealandAlong the way, they’ll set up pop-up stores and clothing demonstrations in select locations, as well as organise auditions for young riders to become guest stars in a super fun cartoon (the adventures of Hampton Valley and Harriet, Emily and Sheldon – the pony that thinks it’s a thoroughbred).

    They’ll have casual conversations with just about anyone who is also passionate about horses and clothing. The aim? Find out what folks really think about the new fabric technology and style, and if it’s a good fit for the islands’ riding culture.

    If people love the clothing as much as they do, they’re happy to chat with riding schools, clubs, and potential suppliers and stockists who are interested in working or partnering together to take care of the needs of NZ riders.

    To find out when Karen and Karlee will set up a pop-up store near you, or to find out more information about opportunities, sponsorships or endorsements with HH Equestrian, or how to become part of their journey, contact them on the phone (021 1108581) or on WhatsApp at +61 438 011 154.

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