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    My Favourite Riding Equipment

    Hi my name is Shania, I am 16 years old and compete in show jumping. I compete on my stunning thoroughbred horse Delago Bolt. Bolt is an 11 year old Off The Track Thoroughbred who has been competitively jumping for a few years now. Recently Bolt and I have stepped up into the higher classes and competing in Junior events at our local shows, pony club events and EA official shows around Queensland. With this Bolt and I are training during the week and competing on the weekends, we are competing nearly every weekend travelling to shows and competitions throughout Queensland.

    Due to competing frequently I always want to make sure myself and Bolt are in equipment/gear that protects us, looks stunning, has great quality but mostly we are both comfortable so we are both able to put 100% into our performance.


    When in the ring Bolt always has his Hampton and Harlow Equestrian wear on, I have found that the HHE range is a much more comfortable and better fit style for Bolt’s build, the colours really go with all of Bolt’s other gear, everything is such excellent quality and stays in great condition after a weekend of riding. HHE is super easy to clean after a days’ worth of competing. Bolt also wears his Veredus show jumping boots, these have been the best for Bolt as they protect his joints and they give him a large amount of support. He also wears a beautiful Collegiate bridle, this bridle really matches with Bolt and it also is such great quality and is always in such great condition.

    I ride in a Bates jump saddle as I have found it fits Bolt the best, it’s a very nice style of jump saddle, has great quality and it’s also super comfortable especially having to ride on a long day. The bates saddle is so easy to keep clean and looking brand new. The brand of helmet I ride in is a Samshield, the samshield helmets look stunning but that’s not the only thing. They are amazingly comfy and fit so nicely, when looking for a helmet I don’t just want it for the looks I want it to be comfortable and I am able to have different hairstyles and not get irritated but my number 1 is I want to know that I am wearing a safe and top quality helmet on my head that will protect me. The samshield ticked all the boxes and I have loved it. The boots I use are the freejump boots and chaps but I also use the freejump stirrups. I have loved the freejumps ever since I purchased them, they are super safe, super comfy and easy to keep clean and looking brand new. My boots and chaps have been my best purchase so far as they have been super comfortable, I don’t get any blisters or rub marks and they are so soft, sometimes I forget that I have them on. With my closest for riding and competing it is full of Hampton and Harlow clothing range, this range of clothing is so amazing and I haven’t looked back. HHE have a large range of different styles and everything matches. The styles, quality and comfort are definitely worth every cent. Wearing this clothing I know I will be comfortable all day and everything is always so easy to wash afterwards which is even better! Hampton and Harlow are definitely a clothing range I have found meets all my needs, as I never have to worry about it staying dirty, not matching, not being comfortable and not wearing out.

    If you are looking at new gear/equipment for yourself and your trusty steed all I can say is don’t rush your decision or purchase make sure you find what’s best for you because everyone has their own opinions and likes different things but when your spending your money you want to put your horse and yourself first so make sure you try different things, look around and take the time because you and your horse are going to be the ones wearing it and using it so you want to make sure it has the best quality, it’s comfortable for the both of you and it’s something you will use every day

    April 20, 2018
    November 5, 2018
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