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    Horse Show Packing List

    A list of essential requirements to get you and your mount ready for a show!

    Compiled by Emily Lang.

    Your Horse Show Packing list will differ depending on what discipline you compete in. For example, I event so it is necessary for me to pack the gear required for each phase; Dressage, Cross Country and Show jumping. It is also important that you pack a travelling kit, grooming kit and a first aid kit. Horses are unpredictable and you need to ensure that you are prepared for any unfortunate event.  Throughout the blog all of my wonderful HHE gear I use are linked!



    Horse’s Tack:
    – Halter and lead rope (make sure you pack a spare)
    – Bridle
    – Spare pair of reins
    Saddle cloth
    – Sheep wool pad
    – Girth

    -If you use different saddles for the dressage and jumping phases of an event, don’t forget to pack both saddles, a girth and a pad for each.

    – Breast plate
    – Flat work, show jumping and cross country protective boots.
    – Hole punch
    – Ear mufflers (if your horse is a little noise sensitive)
    – Spurs
    – Whip
    – Bridle numbers

    Rider’s Kit:
    – Boots
    Breeches (if you’ve got spares, take them)
    Show shirts (as well as spares)
    Show jacket
    Riding socks
    – Riding and handling gloves
    – Stock
    – Approved helmet
    – Cross country colours (if you have them)
    – Body protector
    – Cross country watch
    – Hairnet (essential for keeping long hair looking neat and tidy.
    – Safety pins (helpful when attaching numbers etc.)

    Travelling Kit:
    There are several items that should be packed in the trailer every time you transport your horse. These include:
    – Hay net and hay
    – Feed for horse
    – Horse supplements
    -Treats and/ or carrots (do not feed until after your classes , or you may end up with orange froth and slobber over your clean breeches.)
    – Buckets (generally used for feeding up, watering, bathing or cooing down your mount)
    – Travelling wraps or boots for the horse.
    – Show rug, rain sheet, woollen half sheet and heavy rug.

    Grooming Kit:
    Throughout the course of the show, you’ll be sprucing up your horse each time you enter the ring. Ensure that the items are packed into a container that can be easily loaded into the trailer and taken with you.
    – Brushes and combs
    – Pulling comb
    – Hoof pick
    – Old rags and towels
    – Hoof polish
    – Baby powder (for making white socks sparkling white)
    – Baby oil
    – Braiding kit
    – Show sheen or other coat conditioner
    – Hard brush for quarter marking
    – Baby wipes
    – Fly repellent spray
    – Scraper
    – Stud kit if used

    First Aid Kit:
    While we hope that our horse won’t be injured at a show, it is important to be prepared for the worse, therefore, it is always smart to keep these items present at a competition.
    – Disinfectant
    – Gauze pads
    – Vetwrap
    – Scissors
    – Thermometer
    – Bute or other anti-inflammatory
    – Electrolytes
    – White healer (or other antiseptic cream)

    I hope providing these lists you are able to be 100% prepared for every competition, or event!

    February 25, 2018
    Preparing for Show Jumping Season
    April 20, 2018

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