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    HH EQUESTRIAN AMBASSADOR SEARCH 2023/ 2024 What is a brand ambassador? Most simply, a brand ambassador is an individual who promotes a brand in order to raise awareness and boost sales. A brand ambassador will showcase the company products and services, inform the public of relevant brand news, and

    The day I wouldn’t wish upon anybody By Ella Vizer My horse Crystal and I had big plans for 2022. I planned on doing the 1.10m rounds, I wanted to win a rug and most importantly I wanted to build an even bigger bond with her.

    Hey, I’m Alice and I’m part of the Hampton and Harlow ambassador program. I have lots of horses and do a variety of disciplines, however I mainly compete Show jumping on my Palomino quarter horse FP Outlaw ‘Skuda’ at 1.25+ and playing Polocrosse on Jaylyn

    My name is Amali and I’m part of the Hampton And Harlow Equestrian ambassador program! I have 3 horses; Bing who is my Grey TB who I do Intro level 80cm eventing on, a miniature pony named Spirit who loves to do liberty and jumping

    This year has certainly been much quieter than I anticipated but it did provide me with a lot more spare time to focus on my training. Yes, I rode my horses’ daily but I’m talking about my ‘training’. I’m talking ‘Rider Fitness’. When was the last time

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