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    Struggling To Find The Best Stirrups? We Have You Covered.

    Remember those traditional stirrup irons? Neither do we. Today there is such a variety of stirrups on the market, it’s actually harder to find the perfect pair! We’ve composed a list of some of our favourites so you don’t have to (you’re welcome)

    Things to take into consideration when looking for new stirrups include; safety, tread and price but ultimately the decision comes down to your own personal preference.

    Best high tech

    FreeJump $460

    The latest innovation in safety, freejump offer the highest quality breakaway stirrups. Featuring a wide footbed for superior shock absorption and flexible outer branch, freejump stirrups are designed to make it easier to release the foot in the event of a fall. If you can afford the price tag we would highly recommend!

    Tech stirrups $445

    Designed and manufactured in Italy, Tech Stirrups are designed to have a greater concentration of its weight in the foot bed to allow for more stability. They also have a seriously sleek design –again, the price tag may be a deterrent but Tech stirrups make up for it in quality.

    Lorenzini stirrups $310

    The company who created Lorenzini stirrups originally specialised in engineering high quality medical equipment. They expanded into the equine industry decades later and now we can’t imagine a world without them! They’re made out of titanium and aluminium, two extremely lightweight materials, making them a great dressage option. Do we even need to mention the stunning design?

    Best budget

    Compositi $44.95

    Tired of your feet shifting around in your current stirrups? Compositi Stirrups have designed a surface of deep grooves and raised bumps to give you the ultimate traction between stirrup and boot. They’re made of a lightweight composite material and the slim profile has been designed for quick foot release in case of emergencies.

    Fillis $59.95

    I know we said we traditional stirrup irons are in the past, but for those of you who are after for that traditional look, you can’t go passed Fillis stirrups. The simple Fillis stirrups are a great way to combine quality and tradition without breaking the bank!

    Let us know which ones you prefer and why!!

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