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    Rider Fitness

    This year has certainly been much quieter than I anticipated but it did provide me with a lot more spare time to focus on my training. Yes, I rode my horses’ daily but I’m talking about my ‘training’.

    I’m talking ‘Rider Fitness’.

    When was the last time you sat in the saddle and took the session to really focus on your position? Are you sitting evenly in the saddle, or does your weight tend to shift to one side? Are you heavier in one stirrup? Do you switch your core on when you ride? These are just a few points to look for.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to train once per week with an exercise physiologist, who also happens to be an eventer; our sessions do involve a lot of horse talk but the great thing is, all exercises are rider focused. We do a great deal of isolated movements to strengthen my ‘weaker side’, core work – so much core work and balance training. Over the last 6 months, my coach has seen a great change in my position in the saddle, I’m sitting taller and my tendency to favour the left stirrup is becoming more evenly distributed into the right.

    In addition with the assistance from my coaches, I have been focusing on my overall holistic health. This includes monitoring my nutrition, sleep, recognising soreness in my body (especially after weekends of competing) and how to manage stress.

    Like my coach says, if you want to take your riding to the next level, it’s time to look at yourself not just as a horse rider but also as an athlete.

    So on your next ride, take the time to really see how you feel in the saddle and remember, it’s not always about training the horse, it’s time to start training ourselves too.

    Yours in riding,

    Kirra xx


    August 18, 2020
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