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    Positive Vibes from Erin

    Hey guys it’s Erin here!
    2020 has been a bit rough so far for us all!!!
    After starting the year so positively it quickly went down hill with all the shows being cancelled,along with the social distancing rules getting stricter all the time. I have to say, at first it was hard to stay motivated to ride. I felt a bit upset, I was wondering how I was going to stay entertained without having anything to train towards and not being able to go to lessons ect..
    I soon realised that negative energy wasn’t good for me or my beautiful horses, so I decided to make this into a positive experience!  I realised I should be finding fun, exciting things to do that I don’t normal get heaps of time for! For example, going to the beach more,trail rides, bareback riding,doing a bit of sporting and other fun activities… I’ve also been taking a lot of time enjoying grooming and petting my horses, and my tack has never been so clean!!! I’ve really been using this time to go back to basics and have fun without the pressure of upcoming shows. Ive really enjoyed taking time doing other activities and spending more time having some fun like I did before I started competing every weekend.
    My family and I have decided to host our own private family show this coming weekend – me, Mum and my siblings. We are going to include a few different disciplines, even barrel racing. The prizes for each class will be Freddo frogs and the champion will get an Easter egg. I’m actually really looking forward to this as even my older brother who can’t ride is getting involved, he is going to be our judge on the day.
    Of course I’ve continued to keep my horses fit by lunging and sticking to our normal amount of riding, but by being at home 90% of the time I’ve found lots of ways to stimulate both mine and the horses minds.
    My amazing coach Nicky Meredith has kept in regular contact to ensure I’m going ok and given me tricks and tips to keep enhancing.
    Being able to do things that I don’t normally have time to do with my horses has really been fun, I feel quite focused and super excited to get back out there once the Covid 19 leaves and the restrictions are lifted. For now I will continue with what I’ve been doing.
    Stay safe guys, spend lots of time with your horses and feel free to contact me if you want any ideas to help stimulate your horses.
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