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    Introducing Taylah Mahoney

    By Taylah Mahoney

    Hi Everyone! My name is Taylah, I’m nearly 15 years old and this is my beautiful boy Kyron. We are one the newest additions to the HHE ambassador team. For my first blog post, I thought I would share a little about myself. Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room -yes, I know my horse is an absolute stunner! This is Kyron, he is a 15hh chestnut gelding with mixed breeding. We’ve just celebrated our 1-year anniversary, and what a year it has been. He has an unknown past and was extremely green when I bought him, but his personality overruled any common sense I had .

    He is a very quirky and fun mount and we now compete in low level eventing. We compete all over the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane districts of South East Queensland and when you see us, we will be in our matching green outfits! I love everything in Hampton and Harlow Equestrian’s inventory of green apparel, the stunning competition wear and amazing everyday riding gear. There’s so much to choose from!

    When I’m older, I aspire to become a veterinarian and equine dentist, competing in higher level eventing. I hope to represent HHE for the longest time possible, making them proud each time I complete a harder dressage test, show jumping round and cross-country course. Hampton and Harlow Equestrian have made my dreams come true and I couldn’t be more grateful.

    I’m going to keep this short and sweet, but I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me. I hope to post some helpful, fun and interesting blog posts in the future. If you would like to see more of me and join in on some fun, subscribe to my new YouTube channel (Kruzn on Kyron) or checkout my Instagram @kruzn_on_kyron

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