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    Lusting for Equine Luxury

    By Olivia Margaret

    Now is usually the time many Australians would be packing their bags, anticipating the summer time buzz of the northern hemisphere. I know I was definitely looking forward to a divine trip to England and France, attending the Longines Global Championships Tour in Monaco and dressing up for some of England’s most renowned polo events. Instead, the reality of a global pandemic has left me sipping on a cup of tea, cat by my side, watching Escape to the Country.

    In an attempt to quell my ever-increasing desire to get dressed up for a horse inspired occasion, I’ve turned to a quaint book that was gifted to me on my last trip to England; Caroline Taggart’s, Her Ladyship’s Guide to the British Season. It is the perfect escape for a young woman, detailing amongst others, the best summertime equine events and of course, the fashionable dos and don’ts. Surely, I’m not the only one who longs to partake in these equestrian spectacles, filled with ascending bubbles of champagne and gazing about a crowd who drip with glamour? This is not to mention the most refined and yet brutish horses, who almost seem aware of their own importance and their own captive audience!

    Whilst I am sure this is the same for many, I have now realised how I have taken these events for granted. Thinking back to the buzz of Burghley Horse Trials, it was such a privilege to be surrounded by so many people, the outdoors, quaint stalls and fruit-filled glasses of Pimm’s. To be a part of something and be thrust into the company of thousands of likeminded strangers is so extraordinary.

    I am lusting for the equine luxury.

    Olivia @Oliviamvd

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