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    How to keep your HH apparel competition ready

    Considering competitions are finally up and running again, I’ve got to ask, how do you keep your competition gear in pristine condition? Are they hanging up or scrunched in that draw of yours? Well if you need help maintaining and keeping your competition gear looking like new, read on.

    Firstly, do you hate ironing your Pony Club or EA uniforms/competition wear? This handy tip saves you from doing that! After washing, place your attire on a clothes hanger to ensure it dries crinkle free rather than creased on the washing line. This saves the stressful competition morning rush to get your gear immaculate.

    Secondly, keeping original colour tones in your clothing can be quite hard. This is because the sun actually bleaches your clothes when drying in the sunlight! To prevent fading, fold your items inside-out on the washing line when drying. Making the inside of your product, the outside. The sunlight will only decolourize the inside instead of the part being seen. Doing this little trick will expand the longevity of your competition wardrobe.

    Do you love your sticky bum breeches? If so, this trick is for you. To increase the life of your silicon grips, turn your breeches inside-out when putting in the washing machine. This prevents the melting or removal of your stickies when washing on a hotter setting.

    Last tip for today, keep your competition gear together! Whether its hanging in your wardrobe or in a separate box or drawer, keep your apparel together. This prevents the mercy dashes around the house for certain items on competition day.

    I hope some of these tips and tricks will help you as much as they do for me. Thank you for reading this week’s blog post.

    –        Taylah @kruzn_on_kyron

    July 23, 2020
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