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    Getting Greys Gleaming!

    Hi everyone! lets talk about grey’s. We all know that keeping a grey’s colour can be challenging and today I’m going to give you guy’s our top 5 favourite old wives tale’s on getting our grey’s gleaming.

    Number 1. Magic Silver White droplets are designed specifically for grey and white hair these drops mixed in with your normal shampoo will really enhance your horses colour! For an optimal result try leaving your shampoo on for a few minutes. They can easily be bought online and aren’t too costly either.

    Number 2. Washing up liquid works well by pulling any dirt or unwanted colour from your horses tail, leaving it looking bright and beautiful. Has anyone tried this before? Please avoid contact with your horse or ponies skin as it could cause a reaction.

    Number 3. Tomato sauce or ketchup! Many people swear by using tomato sauce/ketchup to remove and neutralise green grass stains. Try this hack next time your horse has green hocks and let us know your results!! 

    Number 4. Baby shampoo is a great all over wash to lift the dirt from your 4 legged friends coat. Why don’t you try baby shampoo? For more information on washing with baby shampoo go tohttps://practicalhorsemanmag.com/health-archive/gleam1864-11370.


    Number 5. Tail bags are a simple yet effective way to protect a freshly washed tail from unwanted elements. This is one of the best ways to keep your horse or ponies tails shining bright. This will ensure that their tail will remain un touched!

    Now the best way to keep on top of these issues would be to do these tips more regularly. It is super easy. Basically if we want to keep our greys gleaming we have to keep on top of maintaining the look. You will see the difference! Hopefully these tips help you get your Greys under control and looking great. If you try any of these tips at home or have already we would love to hear your experiences so comment below!

    Whats your favourite trick for keeping your grey gleaming?

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