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    Essentials to pack for and Event

    Written by Maggie Herring

    When traveling to a competition it is very important that you have everything you need. We can all remember that one time that you went away to a competition and forgot something. So here are some things I pack and some tips about how to remember to pack everything 


    • Bridle 
    • Bit (make sure to check that its approved)
    • Saddle/Girth (remember if you use two saddles or girths to pack them both)
    • Saddle pad/numnah 
    • Work Boots/Float boots  
    • Whip/spurs 
    • Extra bridle/halter
    • Rugs (both heavy and light in case it gets colds or hot during the night/day)
    • Supplements/hay (try to pack/make these the day before so its one less thing to pack on the day)
    • Buckets (for water and feed)
    • Number holder (remember to pack both if you have two horses)


    • Helmet (make sure its approved)
    • Jacket (if you use two different jackets make sure you don’t only pack one)
    • Breeches (make sure to pack a spare pair in case you horse rubs against you, or you spill something)
    • Track pants (to keep you breeches clean
    • Boots 
    • Socks 
    • Gloves
    • Hat
    • Belt
    • Show shirt 
    • Hair net/hair kit
    • Number holder

    First aid kit:

    we always hope that we will never have to use any of these and that our horse will stay safe and won’t be injured but it is a good idea to carry these and have them in you float just in case of an emergency 

    • Instant Ice packs 
    • Vet wrap
    • Bute (make sure its kept cool so it doesn’t get hot)
    • Electrolytes (you can buy these, but salt also works)
    • Bandages
    • Syringe 
    • Scissors or pocketknife

    Grooming kit 

    • Hoof pick
    • Brushes 
    • Hoof polish 
    • Plating kit (in case you need to fix up a couple of plats 
    • Shimmer spray or pepi spray 
    • Fly repellent
    • Shampoo (for some touch ups before you go into the ring)
    • Wipes/rags (to remove makeup of your horse)
    • Make up ( things like hoof blackit, chalk block, shimmer spray, ect

    I hope providing these lists you can be 100% prepared for every competition, or event!

    October 27, 2021
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