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    Navy Over-pants


    The Overpants are perfect prior to you competition as they not only keep you clean but they are waterproof as well.

    S – Kids 6-8 YEARS

    S+ – Kids 10-12 YEARS

    M – Sizes 8-14

    L – Sizes 16+


    Step up your game! Get your riding gear and accessories from another era and get serious about not having to worry about “oh no” moments while hacking out. Say no to manure stains, dressage drama, and equestrian high jinks- all thanks to Overpants. Keep breeches clean for days on end with these easy breech care helpers so you can focus more on riding than cleaning.

    *Backorder stock of Small, Medium and Large will arrive on the 14th February 2024 & backorders will be dispatched first

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