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Ladies White Polo Jeans


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Frankie could always stop mid-whatever, and snap to the camera with a perfect smile. It’s her superpower, mom says.

At uni, she could be locked up in a high-pitched argument with one of her girls, about who did what to who’s BF and when. Ultra-serious. Yet, if another friend suddenly whipped out a camera phone for a selfie opp, it was all insta-happy.
Her ability to look great on command: expected in everyday life, but unexpected and devastating on the pitch. Before the first chukka, to the opposing team’s surprise, Frankie lines up in front as the No. 1 attacker.

Ladies white polo jeans. Advanced fabric technology. Stretchy, super-lightweight, and no bunching. Bright-bright white. Comfortable, skinny legs. Disarmingly good looking. Stain-resistant and durable, to stay that way when it counts.


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Weight.251 kg
Dimensions.5 × .5 × .5 cm


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