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    HH Equestrian 2021 Ambassador Team

    We are so proud to have had so many boys and girls out there flying the HH Equestrian flag over the next few weeks we will be uploading all of our new Ambassadors!

    Maggie Herring, I am a 13-year-old Queensland equestrian who competes in the show ring and the dressage arena with my two horses Wynara Daydream and Tara Aztec Jade.

    I have ridden for 7 years and have had some amazing horses in the past. I have tried a little bit of every discipline, but I really clicked with dressage, I just love how the horses are so elegant and how they just float around the arena in a self-carriage.

    The two horses I have right now are affectionately known as ‘Ollie’ and ‘Migaloo’  Ollie is a part Welsh dressage pony who I’m currently competing at novice with. I’m preparing to start competing elementary next year with the help of my wonderful coach Elizabeth Coe. Migaloo is a part Andalusian mare and I enjoy doing all aspects of interschool competitions with her.

    I’ve been very fortunate to have always had lovely horses, but my second pony was truly my best friend and together we shared a very special bond. He was a 13.3hh chestnut gelding called Uhavta Head Over Heels although everyone lovingly knew him as ‘Herbie’. Together we achieved great success, many champions and high point awards. My dreams came true when we won Highest Point Score at the AHAA Australian Youth National Championships in Sydney. Unfortunately our story ended suddenly and without warning due to a tragic paddock accident in 2020. Herbie will be forever in my heart. 

    I compete in the Darling Downs region and represent my school Downlands at interschool dressage, jumping and show horse events. My goal for 2021-2022 is to again participate in the various interschool competitions, to enjoy various ag and breed shows and to focus a great deal more on getting to dressage events at FEI and elementary level.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little more about me. I’ll be sharing some fun and interesting blog posts in the future. If you’d like to see more of me enjoying what I love the most, checkout my Instagram @herring_equestrian

    Our 2020 HH Equestrian team!

    Taylah & Kyron

    My name is Taylah, I’m 15 years old, and this is my beautiful boy Kyron. We are one the newest additions to the HH team. Kyron is a nine year-old 15hh chestnut gelding with mixed breeding. We’ve just celebrated our 1-year anniversary, and what a year it has been! He has an unknown past and was extremely green when I bought him, but his personality overruled any common sense I had. He is a very quirky, fun mount and we now compete in low level eventing. We compete all over the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane districts of South East Queensland, and when you see us, we will be in our matchy matchy green! And of course, my stunning HH apparel. If you would like to see more of me in the future and join in on some fun, subscribe to my new YouTube channel (Kruzn on Kyron) or checkout my Instagram @kruzn_on_kyron.

    Kaydi & the ponies

    My name is Kaydi and I am a 14 year old, living on the Sunshine Coast. Horse riding is my true passion and I love every minute of it.  I started riding only four years ago, but I have already developed a very strong love for it. Competing every weekend, my favourite thing to do is show jumping. I recently got a new horse, his name is Flynn and he is a 16.3hh chestnut Off The Track Thoroughbred who is brilliant at jumping! I also have a small grey Arab named Divine, and she stands at 13.3hh. She is a little pocket rocket and loves going fast! In 2020, my goal is to be competing in the 1.15m+ show jumping rounds on Mr Flynny. To see more of these two ponies, check out the HH blog and my Instagram @kd_showjumping! I am beyond excited to be a part of the HH team and get to know all these beautiful riders better.

    Liberty & King Tytan 

    My name’s Liberty Clark and I am 16 years old. I have grown up on a cattle property located in central QLD,  and Tye and I both attend boarding school down in Toowoomba. I have been riding for pretty much all my life! King Tytan, or Tye, is a 16.3h thoroughbred off the track and he is quite new to me, as I have only just had him for a year now! Tye and I enjoy competing in showjumping and dressage, although we would both agree showjumping is our favourite discipline. I am thrilled to be a part of the Hampton and Harlow Equestrian Team! My 2020 Goals are little put off due to COVID-19, but I hope to improve more on our dressage, as it is not our strong suit! If you would like to see more of Tye and our journey, check out our instagram page @little_country_equestrian where we post daily about all things horsey!

    (shoutout to @calicopony for the lovely photo)

    Hannah & Team

    My name is Hannah Boden, I am thrilled to be one of Hampton and Harlow’s Ambassadors! I am a 12 year old showjumper living on the Sunshine Coast QLD. I compete all throughout Queensland. I own 2 horses: Destiny and Baby. Destiny is my main girl who I compete up to 90cm with, she has won me heaps of ribbons and trophies in the Showjumping ring. This year, I will be moving onto my sister’s horse, Baby, so I can jump the higher heights. Baby is an amazing showjumper and competes up to 1m. My 2020 goal is to be active on the HH Blog. Every month I am planning to write a fun tip or idea for the Hampton and Harlow website. I will be conducting a fun fact Friday where I ask an ex-olympian, professional rider, or an equestrian influencer a helpful and fun fact that improves horse health, appearance, technique or just fun exercises to try. If you want to follow my horsey journey, make sure to follow me on my instagram @Hb_.showjumping 

    Kirra, Tommy & Joe

    My name is Kirra, I’m 10 years old, and I live in Moreton Bay, QLD. I have been horse riding for five years, and my ultimate goal is to receive a GOLD medal at the Olympics. My passion is in showjumping, but I also compete in Dressage and Combined Training. I have two incredible horses. Tomme Tuka, aka Tommy, is a 12hh Welsh B pony. He has been my main competitive pony and flies around the jump course. My newest addition, Calveston Mighty Joe, a 14.3h Connemara x Thoroughbred, is incredibly strong, a natural jumper, and we have an exciting future ahead. I am thrilled to be a part of such a fun and supportive team. I love all my HH clothes – every piece stands out in the ring. My instagram is @kirra_equestrian if you want to see more of my team and I.

    Dana & the OTTBs  

    My name is Dana. I’m a 19 year old hunter/jumper from the US, and I’ve been with HH Equestrian since all the way back in 2017! I mainly compete in the Thoroughbred Incentive Program (Jumpers) and Hunt Seat Equitation with my intercollegiate team at George Mason University. I work at a barn just outside our nation’s capital, where I am lucky enough to ride all 70 of their amazing horses, and also teach lessons and horsemanship skills to young riders. Circumstances have changed my goal for 2020 (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), so though I originally wanted to point out of my IHSA division and go to zones, my new goal is to continue teaching students while social distancing, and to successfully place in the upcoming Jumper shows. When I’m not riding or teaching, I’m blogging! Feel free to learn more about me by visiting @dana.j.m or @eqstyletheory on Instagram.

    Imogen & Frankie 

    Hi everyone my name is Imogen Hawes and I’m 13 years old. I live in Victoria BC Canada, I have been riding since I was little. My pony is Frankie, he is a 10 year old, 13.2hh Welsh X, with blue eyes and a very cheeky personality. I have owned Frankie for five years. We started dressage 2 years ago. We have gone a lot, from strength in the dressage ring, competing at Regionals, and winning a championship. Some things we also enjoy are jumping for fun and cross country clinics. I am really excited to be a part of the Hampton & Harlow team, and if you would like to learn more about Frankie and I  follow us on Instagram and Tik Tok at @imogen_frank. 

    Tahlia Carter & Summer

    My name is Tahlia and I’m a 23 year old Eventer from South East Queensland, Australia. I event frequently all year round with my mare, Summer. She is a 14.3hh Stock Horse and what she lacks in size, she makes up for in heart. We’re currently competing in 80cm eventing and 90cm showjumping. We hope to enter our first prelim event (95) by the end of 2021. You’ll see me always wearing my Hampton and Harlow Equestrian apparel in all three phases. Cross country is our best and strongest phase, also my favourite! If you’d like to follow me on my equestrian journey, you can find me on Instagram @tcequestriannn. I hope to see everyone out and about when competitions make a comeback. Let’s go team HH!

    Charlotte Jacobson & Bradgate Park Don Palermo

    Hi, I’m Lottie. I am a 15 year old young event rider, and I have been riding my whole life. I ride a big, black warmblood with a beautiful white star and one white sock. His name is Bradgate Park Don Palermo, aka Dude. Dude loves to jump and is an incredibly talented dressage horse. Together we compete in 95 eventing, elementary dressage, and 1.10 showjumping. I am super excited for what the future holds with this horse, as I have only owned him for one year therefore there is still so much more to work on and achieve. My goals are to compete in 1* eventing and medium dressage. I also hope to compete at Melbourne 3DE in the future. I am very excited to be a part of the Hampton and Harlow Equestrian Team! 


    Olivia & Johnno

    My name is Olivia Rhau, I am 13 years old, and I compete in showjumping with my horse, Johnno. He is a 15.3 hh, 13 year old bay thoroughbred gelding who loves to show off his smile trick! We are training at around 1 meter and are hoping to keep moving up the levels and improving as much as we can! My 2020 goal is to keep improving and getting to the best we can possibly be for the next competition season.

    Emma & DJOMA Performance Horses

    My name is Emma Massey and I am 18 years old. I am the owner of DJOMA Performance Horses which I aim to build and produce quality, versatile Australian Stock Horses within the coming years. The team consists of Boonara Jordon, my main man, Braeview Gentleman Jack, my black beauty, and the baby of the team, Dandilla Gift. My main focus is on competing in showing, futurities and challenges, both in ASH and open competition. My goals for 2020, prior to COVID-19, were to compete at the Australian Stockhorse National Show with the intention to be in the top 10 placings, as well as compete Gift in weanling/yearling classes. DJOMA Performance Horses also offers training and education of client horses. I am in the process of getting my coaching accreditation through Equestrian Queensland. I am so honoured and excited to be a member of the Hampton and Harlow Equestrian team and love stepping out in style in their beautiful range of clothing and apparel!

    Brooke & Maddie

    My name is Brooke Flesser, and I am a 14 year old competitive dressage rider from the Gold Coast, Queensland! My main girl, Killara Park Maddison (aka “Maddie”) is a bay, eight year old Dutch Warmblood by Richmeed Medallion. Maddie joined us at the end of 2017 and the journey began. Maddie and I compete in Elementary dressage and are training Medium, we wouldn’t be where we are today without Nicole Tough dressage and my aunty Ruth White. I have been riding since I was about six, and the equestrian world is something I’m very passionate about. I hope to have a career within the equine society. One goal that I would like to achieve is to ride FEI dressage in the near future. I’m so grateful to be a part of the HH team! Instagram: @Brookedressage

    Olivia & Sir Archibald 

    I’m Olivia, pictured here with my childhood horse, Sir Archibald. I currently study a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Arabic language, and a Bachelor of Law at Sydney University. Whilst I no longer compete, polo has become my new great love, attending both the social events and practicing my swing with fellow members of the University of Sydney Polo Club. Sir Archibald and I were both seven years old at the time he was purchased for me, and now, at the ripe old age of nearly 21 year-olds, he is still just as naughty! Much to my father’s dismay, I never sold Sir Archibald despite my absence from the saddle. Rather, we enjoy a relaxing trail on the weekend (or not so relaxing depending on his friskiness) and Sir Archibald takes pride in accruing an astronomical bill for all his glamorous new rugs! For 2020, I am aiming to strengthen some of the new friendships I have made this year and to hopefully make it over to England for Christmas. It is a pleasure to be representing Hampton & Harlow, a brand that correlates with my love for classic equestrian style. @oliviamvd 

    Erin & Madison

    Hi, I’m Erin. I’m a 16 year old showjumper, and I have been riding for five years (competing for around two). I own three gorgeous horses and a cheeky Shetland who is our babysitter. My main horse is my bay mare, Madison, mainly known as Madz. We compete at 1.20m and train up to 1.30-1.40m. I also ride my mother’s grey mare at Interschool shows at 90cm-1m. My other horse is a chestnut gelding that will be ready to start competing this year. Our goal for 2020 is to place in the top 5 at Interschool states, and for my off the track to be comfortable competing at 80-90m. I love being a part of the Hampton and Harlow family and looking good while I ride. Be sure to follow my account @team.mad.zeus