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How to choose the best saddle for Polocrosse

Being involved heavily in the horse discipline industry, we often get asked about things other than our own products. A question I get asked a lot what is the best brand of saddle to play polocrosse in.

In such a vast market, with a wide variety available, it can be difficult to find the perfect saddle that is not only comfortable for horse and rider, but made to stand the harsh environment a polocrosse saddle lives in.

daryl-taylor-saddlesBeing an avid polocrosse player myself, I do have my preferred suppliers. From my own experience, I just cant go past a handmade saddle from Darryl Taylor. Situated just outside of Goomeri in Queensland, Darryl uses some of the highest quality leather found in Australia and he personally tailors all of his saddles to best fit the horse and riders needs.






scott-welsh-saddle For those south of the border, Scott Welsh makes a beautiful saddle. Located just outside of Armidale in New South Wales, Scott caters to a large number of polocrosse players and camp drafters. When it comes to a polocrosse saddle, Scott knows exactly what makes the perfect saddle as he has played at the highest levels; even captaining the Australian and New South Wales Men’s sides.








Last, but not least by any means, is Craig Pomeroy from the Australian Stockman Saddlery. He makes a very tough and sturdy saddle built for camp drafters, polocrosse players and all round, general work. Because of his affordable price for such a high quality saddle, Craig sends off large orders to stations all around the country, to cater to some of the harshest conditions around. Craig resides in Toowoomba in Queensland and can be easily found at most Polocrosse Carnivals around South East Queensland.

At the end of the day, your saddle is a personal preference and everyone has their own idea of what the perfect saddle is to play in. These are the saddlries that work best to suit my needs, however there are so many more amazing saddler’s in the country to choose from.

Do you have any recommendations on saddler’s? Leave us their details in the comments below so we can share them with the community. – Emma

December 21, 2016
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